New London hotel will help homeless

Hotelier and entrepreneur Kurt Bredenbeck, owner of the award-winning “luxury budget” Hoxton Hotel in London, has announced plans to help the city’s homeless when he opens his new hotel—a prospective 40- to 50-room venture—in 2013

The hotel, which is likely to be built in East London, will pay 50 homeless people a year from UK homeless charity Crisis to undergo six- to nine-month training across a range of jobs, including housekeeping, front-of-house and back-office. The recruits will also learn valuable long-term life skills, including customer service and timekeeping.

Kurt’s inspiration for the £4 million initiative follows volunteering work he did at a homeless shelter in London. “Our aim is to give homeless people not only the vocational skills and work experience but also the confidence necessary to prepare and enable them to achieve long-term employment,” he says. “We hope that everyone who goes through our scheme will go on to get a job in the hotel industry.”

Homelessness is a big problem in London. According to CHAIN (the Combined Homelessness and Information Network), nearly 4,000 people slept on the streets at some point in London during 2010/11, an increase of 8% on the previous year. Many of the city’s “hidden” homeless—those outside the mainstream accommodation for the homeless (hostels)—are living in bed and breakfasts, squats or on sofas.

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