Seeking Approval for Sustainable Suppliers

A new approval scheme highlighting the sustainability of suppliers has been launched by the UK-based Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA)

Following the success of its Star Rating system for restaurants, the not-for-profit organisation has now created the Supplier Approval Scheme, which helps restaurants to identify the all-round sustainability of suppliers.

Those suppliers who exceed the minimum standards set by the SRA on aspects such as production methods, supply and client and staff relations will be featured in the company’s new Supplier Directory.

“We believe the SRA Supplier Approval Scheme will provide a key reference point for restaurants, bringing them together with suppliers,” says Mark Linehan, managing director of the SRA. “This is the first scheme to consider and approve the all-round sustainability of producers, giving them the recognition they deserve, providing restaurants with a means of identifying potential new suppliers and offering customers a greater chance of eating food that matches their values.”

Dr Alan Rae of Fletching Glasshouses says: “It’s really encouraging that leading restaurants want to feature fresh, organic and, above all, local food. As organic growers we are always seeking new outlets for our produce and we believe that this scheme will benefit growers, customers and diners alike.”

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