The Rise of the Green Hotel

Figures show that just 25% of the total costs in the lifecycle of a hotel are for the concept, design and construction, compared with 75% for its operation

It’s therefore not surprising that the sector is increasingly looking at ways to improve the operational efficiency of its properties and reducing energy consumption should be a central part of this strategy.

For a new build property, there is an even bigger opportunity to maximise these savings by ensuring that energy efficiency is a key part of the hotel’s concept. This has been the approach for the latest addition to the Grange Group’s portfolio – an independent chain of luxury hotels in London.

With a commitment to be one of the most energy efficient hotels in London, the new-build Grange Tower Bridge Hotel Design by Buchanan Architects has ensured that sustainable practices and environmental features, which include renewable solar and photovoltaic panels, high performance glazing and low energy lighting, are part of the DNA of this luxury hotel. With its sleek lines, ambient coloured lighting and a high quality feel, how has this luxurious property ensured the highest levels of guest comfort while staying faithful to its environmentally responsible aims?

Moni Dhanjal from The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, explains: “This hotel is about redefining the luxury property market for central London. We want our business and leisure guests to enjoy the highest levels of comfort in both the bedrooms and public areas. With a new build project, there was a real opportunity to think about how we could marry that with a strong commitment to creating an energy efficient space.

“Working with like-minded partners and suppliers in the design and build of the hotel was an important part of achieving this aim and extended into every area of the building, ensuring that there were no compromises on the aesthetics even in minor details.”

One of Grange’s key partners has been the Siemens Building Technologies division. Responsible for scoping and providing electrical infrastructure for the hotel and key elements of the building management system, the team has worked closely with Grange and other partners involved in the construction of the property to deliver the most energy efficient and flexible solutions, without compromising on a high quality and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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