Carlson Rezidor sponsors G(irls)20 campaign

Holly Branson and father, Richard

Holly Branson and father, Richard

ITP member Carlson Rezidor has announced its sponsorship of the new G(irls)20 Father’s Day campaign “Father’s Empowering Daughters” featuring, among others, Richard Branson, Chelsea Clinton and President & CEO of the Rezidor Hotel Group, Wolfgang M. Neumann.

G(irls)20 is the global social-profit organisation that aims to cultivate a new generation of female leaders.

The campaign features fathers and daughters from around the world sharing their stories in a series of self-recorded videos, all of which can be viewed here:

The campaign calls on fathers across the globe to showcase the ways in which they empower their daughters to succeed and achieve – whatever age, whatever dream – and also encourages daughters to share stories about how their fathers have empowered them.

The global project, “Fathers Empowering Daughters” celebrates the powerful force fathers can play in the advancement of their daughters. Carlson Rezidor, one of the largest and most dynamic hotel groups worldwide is sponsoring the initiative, which launched in the run up to the world leaders meeting at the G20 in Australia this August.

G(irls)20 will convene 24 girls from around the world to examine how to economically engage and empower girls and women to achieve growth goals globally and in their home countries.

The global campaign features fathers and daughters sharing their stories and kicks-off with high profile fathers such as Richard Branson, Ziauddin Yousafzai (Malala’s father) and well-known daughters including Chelsea Clinton and Shakira.

"My two daughters inspire me every day, and I want to empower them to follow their dreams and pursue their ambitions. Empowerment is not an act, but an attitude – it is all about embracing the opportunities of life. I have the same approach as a father and as a CEO: I want to empower women in leadership at the Rezidor Hotel Group. We are committed to doubling the number of female leaders by 2016 and to changing the paradigms in the male dominated hospitality industry,” said Wolfgang M. Neumann, President & CEO of the Rezidor Hotel Group.

Carlson Rezidor are key sponsors of ITP programme the Youth Career Initiative, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. YCI works with disadvantaged young people around the world offering real-world training and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. In some countries it can be seen as taboo for women to work in hotels, and YCI and Carlson Rezidor are working to combat this perception. 85% of graduates of the scheme whose opportunities were previously limited, go on to further education or employment. This can be particularly important for women, and many graduates will help several generations of their family via their new opportunities.

In the G(irls)20 videos Richard Branson, father to Holly Branson talks about how fathers empower their daughters, saying, “Give them the freedom to do what they want to do with their life.” He encourages men to “treat all their children equally.” He continued, “It is so sad that in some places in the world, daughters are treated as second class citizens and that’s got to be put right. People cannot use religion as an excuse, that is certainly not what the people who originally set out their religions would have wanted, so just treat all your children equally.”

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton


Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton said, “It is impossible for me to describe the extent to which my father has supported me, nurtured me and empowered me over the years. Through his words and even more his actions, he has always taught me the importance of doing right, by our family, by the communities that I have chosen to be a part of and, ultimately, by the world.” Clinton continued, “He has always challenged me to take risks, not unnecessary ones but the ones that are necessary to be the person that I want to be and to have the impact I hope to have on the world.”

The theme song of the campaign, Little B, a lullaby from a father to his daughter was co-written by Grammy Award Winner Sarah McLachlan and Canadian businessman, Frank Guistra.

“This campaign engages men in a unique, personal and meaningful way,” said Farah Mohamed, Founder & CEO of G(irls)20 and the creator of Fathers Empowering Daughters. “Fathers can play an important role in encouraging daughters to realize their dreams, no matter how big or small, and this Father’s Day we celebrate that.”

Videos can be viewed at,where fathers and daughters from around the world are invited to upload their self-recorded video.

Additional confirmed participants include:

Former Prime Minister of Canada Joe Clark and his daughter Catherine; President and CEO of Edelman Public Relations, Richard Edelman; CEO of Lionsgate, Joe Feltheimer; Businessman and Philanthropist Frank Guistra and his daughter Isabella; Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper; U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman; Businessman and Philanthropist Mo Ibrahim and his daughter Hadeel; Record Producer Quincy Jones and Nikki Yanofsky; Retired General Andrew Leslie; International Chef and Philanthropist Marc McEwen; Model, TV host and Philanthropist, Petra Nemcova; Bolivian Actress, Carla Ortiz; Jazz Artist Jean Luc Ponty and his daughter Clare; Musician Sam Roberts

Fathers Empowering Daughters

About G(irls)20

G(irls)20 mobilises girls and young women for impact locally, nationally and internationally. Designed according to G20 Architecture, G(irls)20 brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the European and African Unions, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the MENA region, to design solutions that will economically advance girls and women around the world. With 107 G(irls)20 Ambassadors, 300+ global mentors and 200 mentee connections, G(irls)20 places a premium on working together with the private sector, governments social profit organisations, academia and media to advance girls and women globally.

The next Summit will be held in Australia (August 25 & 26, 2014). For more information, please visit


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