Diamond turns responsible business beliefs into practical actions

Diamond teams take part in the Electricity Saving quiz

Diamond teams take part in the Electricity Saving quiz

Diamond Resorts International held its first environmental week to help communicate responsible business practice to its staff and guests.

Sustainable business practices are a core value and belief embraced by Diamond team members from the top down, but as a global leader in the industry, the ITP member company is going beyond traditional green practices to reduce its carbon footprint by delivering a fun and family-friendly approach to generate awareness and engage its members, owners and guests.

At its European properties, Diamond Resorts hosted its first environmental week from 5 - 12 June 2016.  During the eight day event, resorts invited members, owners and guests to participate in a variety of activities designed to be informative and entertaining for all ages. Activities were geared toward creating awareness of how to preserve the environment at home and while away on vacation.

Activities included beach and forest clean ups, planting seeds in the onsite gardens, drawing contests, environmental awareness quizzes and energy conservation activities such as turning off the resort’s lights for five minutes to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the Earth. Guests were also introduced to Eco-Eddy, the Diamond Resorts green expert, and encouraged to create their own Eco-Eddy out of recyclable materials.

The programme was well received with more than 1,600 participants across the European resorts.

Diamond Resorts also introduced its inaugural Electricity Campaign at its European resorts and corporate offices. This energy-saving event was hosted to increase awareness and encourage members, owners, guests and team members to engage in best practices for reducing electricity consumption whether traveling the world or relaxing at home.

Guests had fun participating in weekly quizzes either individually through the company’s Diamond Resorts app, or as a group at the resort as questions were projected on a large screen. Guests with the most correct answers were awarded with environmentally friendly prizes.

Team Members joined in with an energy saving quiz of their own and games that proved to be a great way to learn best environmental practices while bonding with fellow team members. The game consisted of energy saving tips and clues that had to be correctly matched to the corresponding appliances in an accommodation at the resort.

During the five week campaign, Diamond Resorts had more than 2,000 members join in on the activities.

As Diamond Resorts actively takes steps to be an environmentally conscious and sustainable global organisation, the company continues to find new and exciting ways to deliver great holiday experiences while improving its impact on the lives of its guests, communities and ultimately the planet.

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