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Carlson Rezidor's Inge Huijbrechts - hotels should be more inclusive

Carlson Rezidor's Inge Huijbrechts - hotels should be more inclusive

Green Hotelier Talking Point: Employment Opportunities and Work Inclusion.

Every month this year, Green Hotelier will be hosting a monthly Talking Point. We want to focus on one key issue that affects sustainability in the hospitality industry and get people talking, debating and sharing their ideas.

This month our issue is employment opportunities and work inclusion – especially for young people.

In many countries around the world – including developed and developing nations – youth unemployment remains extremely high; far higher than other age groups in the population. Frequently this brings additional consequences from mental health issues to an increase in the long term unemployed figures.

Globally the hospitality industry is almost uniquely placed to tackle this issue. With hotels often placed near disadvantaged communities but able to offer ground level employment opportunities to local people, with genuine career paths and prospects to climb the ladder, they can proffer real hope to young people and their families.

Here, in the first of our January Talking Point posts, Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President Responsible Business at The Rezidor Hotel Group argues that searching for employment and training candidates within the young people of the local disadvantaged community not only helps whole families, but makes good business sense.

What do you think? Have your say on our Talking Point by joining in the conversation here, on Twitter, on our Facebook page, within our LinkedIn group, or on Google+. We’d love to hear your views. Do you offer opportunities to young people? Do you think it’s the responsibility of the hospitality industry? You can also vote in our poll.

Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President Responsible Business at The Rezidor Hotel Group

Tourism and travel is one of the industries with a very healthy growth prediction – more travellers, more destinations, and more jobs. WTTC calculates that worldwide tourism will offer 1 in 10 jobs by 2022.

Growing rapidly into emerging markets, Carlson Rezidor hotels are an important local employer. We believe in hiring locally and developing our staff through our people development and training programmes.

As part of inclusive and responsible business, internships, training and potentially hiring are also extended to underprivileged youngsters or weaker groups in society.

Carlson Rezidor is a lead partner of the Youth Career Initiative. The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) is a six-month education programme that provides disadvantaged young people with life and work skills.  We have already offered YCI trainings in Poland, Romania, Jordan and Ethiopia – with Senegal to be launched soon. In South Africa we participate in similar schemes run by the local government.

These internships and on-the-job training often spark a real passion for the hospitality trade!

Each young person reached will create economic prosperity and be a role model in their community through their employment or further studies.

Programmes like Youth Career Initiative simply have a multiplier effect, bringing committed and enthusiastic employees into our hotels and contributing to their families and communities.

We will continue to grow our business inclusively. Join us!


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