IHG Race Around the World to help Shelter In a Storm

IHG Hanoi Westlake get racing round the world

IHG Hanoi Westlake get racing round the world

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has been busy running, swimming and cycling round the world.

The Race Around the World week is the group's annual staff fundraising challenge to raise money for their Shelter in a Storm programme which provides support to people caught in natural disasters.

Teams around the world challenged themselves to raise money for every kilometre they travelled. Participants can pledge kilometres on top of their daily activities, either through running, swimming, biking, or walking. For each kilometre pledged, IHG will match it with USD $1 donation to the IHG Shelter Fund.

One eager team was the InterContinental Hanoi Westlake. To ride towards this year’s goal, staff and hotel guests were encouraged to either join a run around West Lake - the biggest lake in Hanoi - or to pledge kilometres by riding an exercise bike set up in the hotel lobby. “We believe this is an important initiative to make a difference to our local communities who face hardship from time to time,” said Adam McDonald, General Manager of InterContinental Hanoi Westlake. “We again look forward to hearing the amazing stories of how these funds are immediately directed to support people around the world,” he said. In total the Hanoi Westlake managed to pledge 2,1​52 kilometres for the Fund, which is equivalent to US $2,152.

The team at Hanoi Westlake

The team at Hanoi Westlake

When disasters strike, people naturally travel to hotels to seek shelter. This is a key role of hotels and one that is vitally important to the communities in which they operate. The IHG Shelter Fund, built up by various fundraising activities throughout the year, supports a pool of resources that allows IHG properties to respond immediately when disasters occur in locations where IHG operates, which is more than 100 countries and territories globally.

The IHG Shelter in a Storm programme is activated when IHG properties, guests, employees or surrounding communities are impacted by a disaster. Each year the IHG Shelter Fund helps hundreds of people impacted by both natural and man-made disasters around the world. IHG’s global partnership with CARE allows them to draw on its expertise in humanitarian assistance and provides a channel for IHG to direct funds to help local communities. If a disaster strikes where CARE does not have resources on the ground it will guide IHG to the best local partners, making sure they can get help to where it is needed.

In 2013 IHG set a new target to contribute a total of $10 million to communities through monetary donations and in-kind support. This includes funds deployed through the IHG Shelter in a Storm Programme from 2013-2017. They are also working to continue increasing employee engagement of the IHG Shelter in a Storm Programme and getting more colleagues involved in fundraising events for the IHG Shelter Fund. In previous years Race Around the World has seen thousands of IHG colleagues in 47 countries participate, covering 68,688 kms – more than one and a half times round the world. In 2012 they bettered that with 59,092 employees from 56 countries pledging 349,625 kilometres.

This year, IHG colleagues from 60 countries took part in Race Around The World, pledging a total of 407,116kms – exceeding their target of 300,000kms. This enabled IHG to donate the grand total of $442,116 to the IHG Shelter Fund. It's helped make it possible for IHG to activate their Shelter in a Storm programme to help the local community and colleagues affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

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