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ITP presents: Know How Guide to Human Rights

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To mark Human Rights Day 2014, the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) has released its latest Know How Guide on Human Rights and the Hotel Industry [1].

The guide is a high-level introduction to human rights for the hotel industry – what human rights are, what they are in the context of the hotel industry, steps to implement the UN Guiding Principles and resources for further reading. Hotels touch every corner of the globe and employ and offer hospitality to millions of people very year. The hotel industry therefore has an important role to play when it comes to Human Rights and it is imperative that hotel companies understand the relevant issues.  

Human rights are often dismissed as too complicated or irrelevant. ITP's aim is to demystify human rights for the hotel industry - bringing together a complex mass of information into one document specifically for the sector. Human rights needn't be complicated, or abstract.  If they are embedded into a hotel's strategy and operations correctly, it will be of equal benefit to employees, stakeholders and guests.

The guide features some exemplar hotel policies on human rights from ITP members and a list of key human rights issues in hotels, including the following:

Human Rights Day was established by the UN in 1950, and has taken place every year on 10th December ever since. This year’s slogan, Human Rights 365, encompasses the idea that every day is Human Rights Day. It celebrates the fundamental proposition in the Universal Declaration that each one of us, everywhere, at all times is entitled to the full range of human rights, that human rights belong equally to each of us and bind us together as a global community with the same ideals and values.

Click here for the Know How Guide to Human Rights and the Hotel Industry [1]. If your hotel is running any activities for Human Rights Day this year or has other relevant events coming up then please let us know on Twitter [2], Facebook [3] or get in touch here [4].

For more information see the full Know How Guide to Human Rights and the Hotel Industry or go to Human Rights Day [5]and International Tourism Partnership [6] websites.