Qbic Hotel explains the value of community partners

Qbic bikeworks

Qbic Hotel London City has announced a new partnership with the charity Springboard, giving local people an opportunity to jump-start their careers.

Aimed at helping young people to achieve their potential, the Springboard charity supports the unemployed by helping them get back into work within tourism.  Through Springboard, Qbic is providing school and college leavers, and young, disadvantaged and unemployed, with work placements at the cool, urban hotel in Shoreditch.  They’ll experience working in a modern, forward-thinking hotel where staff members are highly valued and their contributions welcomed.

During their two-week (minimum) placement with Qbic, three young apprentices will kick-start their career and gain experience in hospitality.  Meanwhile, hotel guests - and the wider Qbic team - will benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of young people who are keen to work in this industry.

Julie Fawcett, CEO at Qbic, commented, “At Qbic, we consider social responsibility to go hand in hand with creating an exciting environment for our guests, and for us that means being really connected with local people and initiatives. We’re particularly pleased to be working with Springboard, whose work encourages, motivates and mentors young people to succeed.”

As well as showing them what it means to be a truly engaged member of the Qbic team – and that means really caring about how you do your job – we’ll encourage them to use their local knowledge, their personality, and any skills or talents they have to make Qbic a more interesting, fun and creative place. As far as we’re concerned it’s a win-win situation. And if things go well, we’ll find some fantastic new employees along the way,” Julie added.

Qbic is also a proud partner of Bikeworks, a social enterprise which champions community cycling programmes such as employing disadvantaged Londoners, running all ability cycling sessions and schools cycling training, as well bicycle reuse and recycling workshops.  As part of the partnership, Qbic Hotel London City has been raising money for the charity through guest donations.  There are future plans to station a Bikeworks workshop within the hotel which will further showcase Qbic as one of the most cycle friendly hotels in London, and ensure it maintains up its reputation as a supporter of local community initiatives.

Qbic aims to create a legacy of its own through engagement with the local community. Because of these charity partnerships and initiatives, Qbic is not just a hotel but an interesting environment in which to meet, eat and sleep, to celebrate craftsmanship and community – all at a low price point, and with sustainability at its core.  Despite having a low price point, Qbic offers ‘affordable luxury’ which champions genuine, simple, well made quality craftsmanship. It is a supporter of the local community and works with charities such as Springboard and Bikeworks to deliver a unique urban experience like no other.

If you are a school or college leaver visit careerscope.uk.net/kickstart for more information or find out how you can help at charity.springboard.uk.net/beneficiaries. Read more articles on Green Hotelier about hotels and community engagement here.

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