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Corinthia Hotels supporting World Environment Day

The Corinthia Hotel London

The Corinthia Hotel London

World Environment Day [1], the biggest annual event for positive environmental action, is a campaign close to the heart of Corinthia Hotels.

Corinthia’s environmental sustainability is championed through its Premier Partnership with international water-aid charity Just A Drop [2]. Over the last three years Corinthia has brought life-changing clean water to a total of 43,325 children and families across five Just A Drop projects, the most recent in Zambia and Tanzania.

As a collection of luxury hotels worldwide, eco-friendly policies play a major role and sustainability is a top priority. The group’s philosophy is to become a more environmentally-conscious business while technological improvements are allowing it to protect the environment and be economically efficient at the same time.

Commercial Director Matthew Dixon says, “We strive for sustainability across three areas of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, in environmental sustainability, personal sustainability and community sustainability.”

Each of the hotels in Corinthia [3]play their part, whether it be saving enough water to irrigate 15,000 trees for three years, interest free loans for bicycle purchases, fund-raising for worthwhile charities or solar thermal panels; just some of the ways in which Corinthia Hotels is developing energy efficient hotels and exceeding the group’s corporate social responsibility targets.

Corinthia Hotel Lisbon led the way with CSR initiatives 12 years ago and was recognised for its efforts in 2013 when it was awarded the Western Europe Energy Project of the Year. The Lisbon hotel initiatives have become a source of inspiration for the other hotels in the group.

Pedro Ferreira, engineer at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon said, “In the upscale hotel market, the ability to provide a high-quality service and accomplish it by utilising the minimum resources possible is nowadays considered with increasing care and importance.”

He goes further when he says that energy efficiency is one of the hotel’s unique selling points. As one of the largest five-star hotels in Portugal, energy efficiency was key and in 2007 this hotel led the way with tailor-made engineering solutions which enabled the hotel to produce part of its energy consumption. Solar thermal panels have been installed, so too a natural gas combined heat and power production system. Furthermore, energy efficiency measures were introduced to the hotel’s air conditioning, water heating and lighting - which typically make up 75% of the energy consumption of a European hotel – and energy savings of 22% were achieved. 

Efforts across the eight hotels in the group - London, Budapest, Lisbon, Khartoum, St Petersburg, Prague and two in Malta include: