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Even old hotels can learn new sustainability solutions

The Pennsylvania Castle Estate launched its sustainability strategy

The Pennsylvania Castle Estate launched its sustainability strategy

A hotel in the UK dating to the 19th century has found modern solutions to its sustainability issues.

The Pennsylvania Castle Estate [1] set in Dorset on the south coast of England partnered with a local energy provider to launch its sustainability strategy.

The strategy began with the installation of a Tesla Destination Charging point, with more to follow over the coming months, in collaboration with Wessex ECOEnergy.  The Tesla electric car chargers mark the first step of The Penn Estate’s sustainability journey.  This journey includes the Clifftops development, a sustainable tree strategy, collaboration with the Portland Museum, and the installation of an energy measurement system. 

The Penn’s sustainability strategy is the next phase of development for the estate, where the overall future goal is to become a leading authentic and sustainable provider of accommodation and events.  Guests will be encouraged to reconnect with the island environment, heritage and culture whilst staying on the Jurassic Coast (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and experiencing an eco-friendly stay.     

The introduction of the Tesla Charging points offers guests and visitors the opportunity to charge their electric cars whilst staying at or visiting The Penn, it is the only Tesla charging point west of Poole in Dorset and provides a unique service to Portland and the surrounding area. 

 Daniel Cole, Director, Wessex ECOEnergy [2]said, “We are dedicated to offering sustainable energy solutions to local businesses and homes and it has been great to help get The Penn started on its sustainability strategy. The charger we have installed will be the first in Portland, and will offer Tesla drivers another great place to visit as part of their journey through Dorset. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with The Penn and seeing the development of eco-tourism on Portland.”   

 The Pennsylvania Castle Estate is dedicated to becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly. As part of this process The Penn will also look at management of utilities and reducing the wastage of stock across the Estate. Within the Castle, steps will be made to measure power usage and introduce renewable power. For guests the estate will bring  a focus on eco-tourism as the next step. Appreciating the geologically significant and naturally beautiful location of The Penn, it is important for The Estate that as little impact as possible is made to the local environment. 

The culmination of The Penn’s plan is the Clifftops development, a luxury holiday destination with five apartments built into the cliffs of Portland. The design and development of the new Clifftops project has been done with this at the forefront of all decision-making. The Estate and Clifftops will endeavour to move “off grid” using a range of solutions including solar to battery and steps throughout will be taken to ensure that light pollution is kept to a minimum, ensuring views of the night sky over the English Channel are uninterrupted.  

Jo Peters, Estate Director, Pennsylvania Castle Estate said, “As part of The Morris Group we have a deep understanding of the importance of protecting the environment and leaving as little impact as possible in terms of waste management and sustainable resources. We are very excited that Clifftops is under way and we have many elements of our sustainability strategy now in place. We look forward to The Penn Estate and Portland becoming a leader in the eco-tourism industry.”