Hotels can now benchmark and compare carbon footprints

New tool allows hotels to benchmark their carbon footprints

New tool allows hotels to benchmark their carbon footprints

Hotels can now benchmark and compare their carbon footprints with other properties in their locality thanks to a new free online tool.

ITP (the International Tourism Partnership) and Greenview have launched the Hotel Footprinting Tool which allows anyone easy access to the carbon and energy footprint of hotels worldwide.

Using data from the annual Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Study, Hotel Footprinting is a free online tool which enables users to search the range of carbon footprints for hotels worldwide. It’s now far easier for hotels to compare their own carbon footprint to industry averages in their locality.

Additionally the tool allows businesses to map the footprint of their own stays and meetings with access to more accurate figures for hotels in the area and market segment, rather than using broad industry averages or having to contact individual hotels for information. The footprint report function enables businesses and event organisers to create and download reports for reporting of their scope 3 business travel emissions, or to offset those emissions.

Hotel Footprinting data uses the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) methodology, developed by ITP, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and a working group of 23 global hotel companies which created a universally recognised methodology for measuring and recording carbon outputs in hotels. Information on the water footprint of hotels will be available from 2017, following the launch of ITP’s Hotel Water Measurement Initiative in September 2016.

Fran Hughes, Director of ITP says, “The number one question from users of HCMI is ‘how can I benchmark my carbon footprint?’ Now hoteliers around the world can easily access that information. We hope that the Hotel Footprinting Tool will accelerate learning and drive action on emissions reduction, and encourage more businesses to calculate and report on their business travel carbon footprint.”

Eric Ricaurte, Founder and CEO of Greenview, says: “Through collaboration with industry leaders this past decade, we finally arrived at a global data set for the hotel industry. In launching the Hotel Footprinting Tool we provide this information to the entire industry to ease calculations, encourage improvement, and understand the industry’s impact globally and locally.”

Looking ahead ITP and Greenview hope to advance the Footprinting Tool to help hotels drive down their own energy use and carbon emissions against their local average figures, and continuing to reduce outputs overall. The information could also be rolled onto online booking engines allowing people to see the carbon footprint of their stay at the point of booking.

The Hotel Footprints Tool can be accessed at

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