New tool helps even small hotels measure and reduce energy

The new online measurement tool

The new online measurement tool

All hotels want to reduce their energy and water consumption but not all have the resources to invest in the process. Now a new tool aims to change that.

Considerate Hoteliers and EnergyDeck have joined forces to launch ‘Con-Serve’ a brand new sustainability assessment platform for hotels.

For the first time international hoteliers will be able to collaborate and share data via the Con-Serve platform, which allows hotels to dramatically reduce the cost, risk and time it takes to be more environmentally and financially sustainable.

Whilst hotels can save up to 20% of energy use through simple measures, it has often been difficult for midsize and smaller hoteliers to economise on the same level as their large chain colleagues. Traditional approaches to energy tracking and management have relied on spreadsheets or legacy tools that are expensive to deploy and sometimes wieldy to use.

The implementation of savings measures has also been hampered because it is sometimes difficult for hoteliers to access information which compares and details projects which are most effective for a specific building type and environment.

The strategic partnership between Considerate Hoteliers and EnergyDeck, an award-winning, crowd-based energy analytics platform, should enable hoteliers around the world to save energy and resources based on comparisons with other similar-sized properties in their region.

Considerate Hoteliers will deploy the Con-Serve platform to enable hotel operators and owners to integrate all their energy and resource usage data into one cost effective, easy-to-use tool. Alongside standardised reporting this will allow owners and operators to not only compare the performance of their hotels with similar building types, but also to share best practices and experiences on the most effective methods to reduce energy and resource usage.

Considerate Hoteliers will use their industry knowledge and experience to support users of Con-Serve in understanding the results and selecting the most appropriate best-practice measures to make real savings.

The Con-Serve tool will allow hotel operators to:

  • Calculate the hotel carbon footprint in line with the hotel industry HCMI methodology (energy and water consumption as well as waste production and treatment),
  • Track energy, water and waste from a number of sources (including meters and utility bills),
  • View results online, generate and export their own customisable reports and review their performance against benchmarks,
  • Compare performance (anonymously) to similar buildings in the Considerate Hoteliers database on Con-Serve and industry standards,
  • Demonstrate transparent monitoring and continual improvement in performance of key environmental indicators – a valuable asset in achieving industry accreditations and awards,
  • Let operators and owners see what other hotels are doing across the world, how much they are saving and what their return on investments is,
  • Share experiences and best practices with others while making significant savings,
  • Track, analyse and share information -- as the number of users grows the tool will become more useful.

Benjamin Kott, CEO EnergyDeck said, “We are delighted and excited to work with Considerate Hoteliers on this global initiative.

“Most real estate owners and occupiers don't know how well or poorly their buildings use energy. Consequently many users overspend often thousands of pounds on energy and resources.

“Crowd-sourced benchmarking and best practices give hoteliers a better understanding of how their buildings use energy, how their performance compares to similar structures and what the most cost effective steps are that can be taken to reduce environmental impact and save money.”

Xenia Hohenlohe, director of marketing for Considerate Hoteliers said, “For us at Considerate Hoteliers Con-Serve is the natural next step in helping hotels make a tangible impact on their carbon footprint reduction whilst also saving money. We never forget that businesses have to be viable in order to be sustainable. It will be highly relevant for hotels worldwide and will therefore help the entire industry to set appropriate benchmarks and achieve real changes. We are thrilled to be able to count on the expertise and knowledge of the team and technology of EnergyDeck in order to provide hotels with a truly professional and unique tool.”

Hoteliers can compare their performance with similar properties.

Hoteliers can compare their performance with similar properties.


Hoteliers wishing to find out more and employ the Con-Serve tool should visit the website. The online tracker is priced at £25 per item measured. With 20 metres on a property and measurements on water, energy and waste, that would equate to £500 for the year.

There are three available modules so hoteliers can opt in to a degree they’re comfortable with, and new users get a two month free trial to test the benefits.

Head of Sustainability at Considerate Hoteliers Chris Burgess said, “The basic price is £25 per item measured per year. This includes full use of the platform with all its in-built data visualisation and reporting capabilities. The price then rises to £35 per meter if the user would like CH to undertake further analysis of their data and to provide bespoke recommendations on improvement actions. So for example a typical hotel measuring 10 items would pay between £250 and £350 per year.”

The measuring of carbon footprint is based on HCMI – the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative – a universally recognised methodology developed by the International Tourism Partnership with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Bringing together more than 20 international hotel companies with consultants at KPMG, under the guidance of a Working Group comprising of experts from WTTC and ITP member companies, the methodology is a first step in ensuring a common approach across the sector.

HCMI, a voluntary and free methodology, has been developed to be robust enough to meet global carbon reporting standards but also practical enough for any hotel to implement, from huge casino hotels to small bed and breakfasts. Since its launch, more than 17,000 hotels have adopted HCMI for measuring and reporting their carbon emissions.

For more information on Con-Serve, visit the website or email

For more information on the International Tourism Partnership and HCMI visit the website.