Swiss Hostel Guests Can Now Reduce Their Own Carbon Footprint

Swiss Hostel guests can reduce their carbon footprint

Swiss Hostel guests can reduce their carbon footprint

Guests staying at any one of Swiss Hostel’s 35 properties can now reduce their own holiday carbon footprint thanks to a new partnership with Ecompter.

The partnership is part of an initiative by Swiss Hostels to help their hostel members manage their carbon footprint with high quality, continuous management reports generated by Ecompter’s service.

Each hostel can then promote their environmental initiatives to guests via’s website by showing their co2 figures.

Ville Valorinta, Ecompter's Founder and CEO, concludes; “Swiss Hostels want their members to be able to communicate their sustainability efforts in a unified way – and show that the country's hostels are doing their bit to support Switzerland's reputation as an environmentally conscious country.

Swiss Hostels called Ecompter ‘the perfect choice’ for their partnership initiative. Valorinta said he chose Ecompter because the company “is one of the first sustainability services based on the hotel industry agreed common method for measuring and communicating carbon emissions – the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI).”

Ecompter’s sustainability service also includes an easy-to-digest summary of each hostel’s environmental initiatives and results, plus an interactive image of the guest’s hostel room to show them how they can reduce their consumption during their stay; for example by switching off lights when not in the room.

One million overnight stays by 2015 for hostels in Switzerland

One million overnight stays by 2015 for hostels in Switzerland


The initiative is supported by the Swiss Hostels Association. Nathan Güntensperger, President of the board said, “We hope that by 2015 there will be around one million overnight stays at the country's hostels each year. Without proper carbon footprint management and serious thought given to sustainability, hostel owners could be unaware of how much their business is contributing to climate change. Yet, their core customer base - typically, well-educated 20-somethings - are amongst the most environmentally conscious travellers around. Hostel owners can use Ecompter's service to tap into this awareness and help them, through hostel policy and responsible resource usage, to dramatically cut the environmental impact of their stay, and improve the performance of the Swiss hostel industry as a whole.”

Ecompter is a sustainability service for hotels, hostels and other accommodation providers that enables managers to raise awareness of their property’s environmental initiatives, to communicate them and to manage and report on them to increase guest loyalty, to motivate staff and for their own carbon consumption management purposes.


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