UK hotels can take an energy audit to improve efficiency

Webinar helps target waste, water & energy in the kitchen

Take an energy audit to improve efficiency

Hoteliers in the UK are being encouraged to take an energy audit to see if they could save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

NatWest bank has launched a new Independent Energy Saving Audits scheme, teamed with six independent energy management companies, to help businesses meet energy legislation, cut energy use and reduce overheads. 

Businesses opting to undertake an audit through the scheme will be able to do so at a reduced rate – in a bid to encourage more businesses to explore their energy use.

David Scott, Head of Leisure and Retail at NatWest, said, “Keeping sites up and running, including lighting, heating and powering equipment, it’s no surprise that energy is one of the biggest costs for hospitality businesses.  

“We aimed to have just under 1,500 of our Relationship Managers across the country trained by the end of the summer. They will be able to identify businesses that could save money and meet energy legislation with the help of an audit. By examining how energy is used, controlled and monitored, and the efficiency of the equipment, an energy audit can identify how you could make savings in the long and short-term.”

The audits are available to smaller businesses with an annual energy spend of over £10,000 and larger businesses with an annual spend of over £200,000. Hoteliers can choose from one of NatWest’s independent partners: Utilitywise, Carbon Trust, WYG, Ricardo, Carillion’s Breathe Energy and SSE, or pick one of their own.

They will then be presented with a report including recommendations to help them reduce their energy use, reduce costs and find potential new income from generating renewable energy onsite.

Businesses can expect to save a minimum of 20% from their annual energy spend. Typically an investment of £10,000 on energy efficiency would see payback in 12 to 18 months.

Scott added, “Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference and we’ve seen that first hand following an energy audit on our flagship offices which saved us £355,000. Changes included making minor repairs, better managing office temperature and updating the lighting controls.

“Working together with our energy partners we want to help businesses achieve energy security and cut costs.”

IESA is available both to NatWest customers and non-customers. The scheme follows the Mentor Energy Audits where NatWest teamed up with business consultancy partners Mentor to offer energy audits to SME businesses in 2014-2015. The new scheme allows for a greater demand and has no upper limit so includes larger scale businesses. Where audits used to take up to a week to complete, they can now be performed in a matter of minutes thanks to new innovation and technology - so it is no longer a ‘clipboard approach’ and won’t disrupt the day to day running of the hotel.

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