Whitbread commits to 100% renewable energy

Could you switch to 100% renewable energy?

Whitbread leading the way in the UK on renewable energy

Whitbread, the UK’s largest hospitality company, has switched its entire energy demand to renewable sources.

The company which is a member of the International Tourism Partnership and is therefore working with other global hotel companies to improve performance on carbon footprints, has begun powering its entire UK operations from 100% renewable sources.

From 1st April 2017 all Whitbread brands, including Costa Coffee and Premier Inn, have been sourcing their purchased electricity in the UK from renewable sources. The decision means that the energy used to power 68,000 Premier Inn rooms and 2,200 Costa Coffee stores serving more than 28 million customers every month across the UK, is now coming from 100% renewable sources.

James Pitcher, Director of Sustainability for Whitbread, said, “As the UK’s largest hospitality brand, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to drive change within the industry which is why we have made this decision for the business.

“Whitbread is committed to minimising its environmental impact and operating in a way that respects people and the planet and we hope this will be a landmark step in helping to set the industry standard”.

Whitbread which is also a member of Business in the Community was recently shortlisted for a Responsible Business Award for its work to bring skills and opportunities to young people.

Pitcher who chairs ITP’s Executive Committee of member companies’ CSR leaders is instrumental in driving forward work across the key areas of carbon, water, youth employment and human rights.

To learn more about how ITP’s members are working together for greater impact visit the website.

In a recent interview with Green Hotelier in which hotel groups switching to renewable energy was discussed, Stein Amble Haugan of ECOHZ said, “Since hotel groups tend to have several units spread out across several locations, the biggest challenge is coordinating the purchase of renewable energy across all properties and operations.

“A hotel group should create a central sustainability strategy that outlines the viable renewable energy options in the places they operate. If this overall strategy is combined with a central procurement strategy, the group will be able to effectively evaluate their choices and their collective purchasing power will increase.

“The hotel groups that switch to renewable energy will be able to communicate and show their commitment. The first mover, in particular, will be acknowledged as a thought leader defining the new industry standard.”

Whitbread is leading the way for hotel groups in the UK to reduce carbon footprints and move closer to COP21 targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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