Edible Hotel design addresses food sustainability issues of the future

The Edible Hotel, winner of the Hotel of Tomorrow award

The Edible Hotel, winner of the Hotel of Tomorrow award

An unusual design was selected by judges at the European Hotel Design Awards for the Hotel of Tomorrow award.

The Edible Hotel by hotel design specialists Dexter Moren Associates was picked out as the winner of the award that seeks to address design issues of the future.

The European Hotel Design Awards, which celebrate exceptional hotel design and architecture and honour the work of industry-leading architects, designers and hotel operators was held in London’s Park Plaza Westminster Bridge last month.

Now in their 17th year and internationally acclaimed for their focus on excellence in hotel architecture and design, the Awards are organised by Sleeper Magazine and attract the hospitality industry’s brightest stars competing in a variety of categories.

The Edible Hotel is a futuristic concept which investigates new ways of thinking in relation to sustainable urban farming culminating in a self-sufficient hotel which generates its own food source.

Elizabeth Jones at Dexter Moren Associates explained the design features an open-plan lobby space which merges the reception, kitchen and bar areas of the hotel with an ‘edible wall’ and aquarium at its heart. The structure of the ‘wall’ uses the vertical farming technologies of hydroponics and aquaponics to theoretically produce enough food to subsidise two thirds of the hotel’s meals.

Pushing the constraints of the traditional hotel lobby space, the hotel also features an open-kitchen concept which provides a platform to serve guests and locals with fresh, hotel-grown and locally sourced produce. Chefs would design menus using recipes which feature ingredients from the edible wall and look to minimise food wastage. They would educate customers on the topic of food, raising awareness of where ingredients are sourced from and the importance of a sustainable approach to modern-day eating habits.

The Edible Hotel considers how food offerings within hotels could be improved in order to create an awareness around the subject of food sourcing, and influence a move away from ready-made mass production. The concept addresses how a hotel of the future will deal with sourcing food both on-site and locally within a densely populated urban environment.

Urban farming has the potential to make food as local as possible, and by growing what’s needed near to their location, hotels can decrease the food miles associated with long distance transportation and offer guests the freshest possible produce.

Commenting on this year’s awards, Matt Turner, Editor-in-chief of Sleeper Magazine, said, “Once again, the European Hotel Design Awards have recognised the incredible diversity of talent and the ingenuity of the hospitality sector today.”

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