NH builds Hotels out of recycled cork

NH Collection Palazzo Barocci

NH Collection Palazzo Barocci

NH Hotel Group has unveiled the successful results of its ongoing Cork2Cork recycling scheme.

Cork2Cork is one of the hotel chain’s sustainability development initiatives, run in conjunction with leading producer of cork and cork materials, Amorim.

Since the initiative’s launch in 2011, the hotel group has recycled 1,994 kilogrammes – nearly two tonnes - of used natural bottle corks from 77 of its hotels located across Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The recovered cork has been collected and transformed into approximately 8,000 square metres of floor and wall coverings used in the refurbishment of existing properties as well as the construction of new NH Hotels.

Recycled cork becomes wall coverings.

Recycled cork becomes wall coverings.


NH Hotel Group – the third largest hotel group in Europe – is a member of the International Tourism Partnership and has an ongoing commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. The group’s goal is to recover and recycle the used natural bottle corks from its hotels in order to give them new life. By converting the cork into materials used for construction and building insulation it helps reduce a building’s noise pollution and heating and cooling requirements, making every hotel more energy efficient. The volume of cork recovered as part of this project is equivalent to the amount needed to refurbish or build over 300 hotel rooms.

Mónica Chao Janeiro, Director of Environmental Management and Sustainability at NH Hotel Group said, “We are very proud of the excellent results yielded by the Cork2Cork programme with which we have not only helped to give new life to a product such as natural cork but have also promoted care for the environment vis-à-vis our internal and external stakeholders. The warm welcome for this initiative coupled with its magnificent results encourages us to continue working in this direction and look into projects which imply environmentally-responsible practices within the realm of our business activities.”

Carlos de Jesus, Director of Communication and Marketing at Amorim said, “The support of a hotel chain as prestigious as NH Hotel Group, which understands the performance attributes and environmental benefits of cork and disseminates them to its guests across Europe’s biggest cities, has been very good news not only for Amorim, but for the entire cork value chain and Mediterranean cork oak forest acreage, which is hugely important in Portugal and Spain.”

Amorim is currently the largest producer of cork products in the world. Cork elements can be found in products as diverse as Olympic sports equipment, high-profile architectural projects, state-of-the-art road and rail projects and spacecraft.

As a member of ITP, NH Hotels has played an active role in the development of hotel oriented sustainability programmes like the HCMI and the water working group.

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    Very interesting recycling approach! The idea is lovely while protecting the environment and showing the organization commitments to its guests, the world and the environment. Great job!

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