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Carbon measurement for hotels

According to data gathered from Ecompter's customers, the average hotel spends £1000 per room on electricity every year

Ville Valorinta, CEO and Founder of Ecompter, explains “These costs are set to spiral and put a further squeeze on hotel profits as energy prices continue to increase across the UK and Europe. That's why, aside from the obvious environmental benefits, hotels should be thinking right now about their energy consumption levels and encouraging guests to make sustainable choices during their stay. Ecompter offers hotels an online CO2 calculator they can feature online so their guests are encouraged to reduce their energy consumption with useful suggestions about how to do so.”

Ecompter is a sustainability service for hotels that enables managers to raise awareness of their hotel’s environmental initiatives, to communicate them and to manage and report on them to increase guest brand loyalty, to motivate staff and for their own carbon consumption management purposes. The service features continuous CO2 management reporting and an online CO2 calculator for hotel guests. It also features an easy-to-digest summary of the hotel’s environmental initiatives and results, plus an interactive image of the hotel room to show guests how they can cut their energy use during their stay (e.g. by using the room’s shower instead of bath).

Ecompter’s management reports adhere to international Greenhouse Gas Protocal agreed standards and it is the  based on the new hotel industry common method for measuring and communicating carbon emissions – the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI 1.0). Ecompter's CO2 footprint calculation methodology has also been assured by PwC, the global consulting firm.

Big hotel chains have the resources to hire a VP for sustainability, or similar, and implement sustainability programs and tools for themselves. Ecompter wants to provide the same to smaller/local chains and independent hotels who do not have such resources. Ecompter is about calculating AND communicating the environmental performance and at the same time enabling cost savings by engaging personnel and guests.

So Ecompter’s most likely customers are probably those who want to base their environmental management on facts and also enhance their guest experience by offering modern environmental communication on their website. Furthemore, hotels who have a significant amount of corporate business will most likely find Ecompter valuable as they can provide their corporate customers with unbiased and HCMI compatible CO2 reporting.

There is no entry criteria for using Ecompter. Ville continues, "We believe that all hotels do something in the area of sustainability, sometimes without even recognising it. So all hotels have something to tell about their environmental performance, even if it is quite little in the beginning. But no matter what the current state of affairs is, it is important that the hotel gets started and aims at continuously developing."

Ecompter case study: Best Western (Finland, Poland and The Baltic) 

Best Western International launched its new environmental standards at its member hotels in 2011. The aim was enhance green activity among the hotels and inform hotel guests and customers about the environmental impact of the each hotel. After reviewing several options, Best Western hotels in Finland, the Baltic States and Poland chose Ecompter's reporting system. It provided a management tool to monitor the hotel operations from an environmental point of view plus the system provided a guest-friendly application to measure the size of the carbon footprint for the hotel stay.

The analysis drawn from the annual reporting helps the management to see the development and pinpoint areas which could be worked on for further savings. The carbon foot print calculator is easy to link to hotel's website or social media profiles. It can be used to help with hotel selection when green issues matters. Ecompter has helped Best Western hotels to reduce collectively the annual carbon footprint by 1 %; with one hotel making a saving of 29%.

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