ITP’s Stephen Farrant argues the green agenda needs a makeover in Hotel Yearbook feature

ITP's Stephen Farrant

ITP's Stephen Farrant

In the current issue of Hotel Yearbook, International Tourism Partnership's Stephen Farrant argues that the sustainability agenda needs a makeover.

As director of ITP Steve is well-placed to spot current trends in hospitality and sustainability, and in his feature for Hotel Yearbook, he suggests that for many ‘green fatigue’ is setting in.

Steve asks, “Is the prevailing risk management culture across all sectors stifling the very creativity and innovation needed to step outside of ‘business as usual’ - which we all know won’t meet the challenges of the future - and develop new business models?”

Steve highlighted a recent report published by the UN Global Compact and Accenture, based on the views of over a thousand CEOs on sustainability. The report suggests that most business is not currently structured in a way that allows it to meet the huge development challenges it faces in the years ahead.

Just as ITP offers a shared voice and joint working opportunities for many leading hospitality corporations, so the report highlighted the need for increased collaboration and innovation in order to make faster progress on the responsible business agenda.

Steve insists, “The green movement should be a relentless, innovative force for continual improvement.”

Suggesting that businesses – and particularly those in tourism – will need to become more proactive in their sustainable activities, Steve says, “There is clear evidence that the market for more responsible products and services is a growing one. If “green,” “responsible” and “sustainable” can be clearly linked to well-established notions of quality, they would chime with the prevailing consumer zeitgeist and appeal more directly to the needs and aspirations of Generation Y.”

In the feature Steve sets out the business case for the hospitality industry and concludes that industry leaders will need to push their commitment beyond meeting targets, driving further into net positive impact.

He concludes, “The opportunity to drive real competitive advantage is there for all to seize. And yet, within that competitive space, the whole industry has a collective interest in ensuring that “green” and “sustainable” become aspirational for customers, as well as drivers of continual improvement for business.”

You can read the whole feature and many more in the current issue of Hotel Yearbook.


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