Rezidor releases 2013 Sustainability Report  

Rezidor Group: Think Planet

Carlson Rezidor's latest Responsible Business Report demonstrates continued success in all three of their responsible business pillars: Think Planet, Think People and Think Together.

Wolfgang Neumann, President and CEO, emphasises that these pillars are integral to the companies 4D strategy - to develop talent, delight guests, drive the business and deliver results. Think Planet creates bottom line savings, Think People keeps employees and guests healthy and happy and Think Together ensures that expansion and development benefits local communities. One of the many examples of this is Rezidor's support of Youth Career Initiative, which we're delighted to see in Neumann's opening statement,

To further drive people development initiatives in emerging markets Rezidor became a lead partner of the Youth Career Initiative, a recognised programme that offers traineeships and trainings to underprivileged youngsters. 

For those that need persuading, Rezidor's report does a very good job at explaining why responsible business should be at the core of anyone operating in the travel industry. With an estimated 9% contribution to the global GDP in 2012*, there is no denying the social, economic and environmental impact of the industry. Rezidor highlights three critical trends and impacts that directly effect their business and stakeholders:

  • Climate change: Buildings are responsible for 30% of global energy consumption. If they were designed more efficiently, energy savings of up to 30% could be made. Rezidor recognises that it must play its part by reducing the carbon footprint of its hotels and in 2013 the company invested EUR 3 million to improve energy efficiency.
  • Resource use (water and food): Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year is lost or wasted. At the same time, there is estimated to be a 70% increase in demand for food by 2050. Rezidor recognises the importance of reducing waste and the resource intensity of their food and drink supply chain.
  • A global employee in local communities: Rezidor's staff represents more than 143 different nationalities. Extending local training and employment opportunities to disadvanaged groups in society is a fundamental part of Rezidor's Responsible Business programme - they believe that diversity is an asset.

But it's not all about aspiration. Rezidor's Responsible Business Report is full of very tangible achievements. Here are a few that stood out for us:

  • Think Planet energy savings initiative reaches 4.2% energy savings per occupied room (with top performing hotels saving 35%)
  • Proportion of eco-labelled hotels in the Group reaches 69%
  • 65% of all staff re-trained in Responsible Business training
  • EUR 690, 000 is raised for Responsible Business Action Month (going to community charities)
  • Rezidor becomes lead partner of the Youth Career Initiative

For more information and case studies download a copy of Rezidor's Responsible Business Report. Read more about Rezidor's Think Planet Initiative here and find out all about Youth Career Initiative here

*World Tourism and Travel Council statistics

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  1. Great to hear. Hadn’t been aware of these sustainability initiatives by Carlson Rezidor, only learned about them staying at one of their hotels, the park inn by Radisson in Tallinn, Estonia a while ago, which seemed to be very commited to social and environmental best practice.

    Have a look at my for more info and impressions.

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