Whitbread releases 2013-14 sustainability report

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Earlier in December, Whitbread released their 2013/14 Corporate Sustainability Report, proving their continued commitment to acting responsibly in the face of global expansion.

Whitbread, International Tourism Partnership members and owners of Premier Inn, recognise their challenge. Expansion needs to be carefully balanced with CSR commitments and this feeling is evident throughout their latest sustainability report. Andy Harrison, CEO of Whitbread comments:

'Whitbread is a company that is growing ... fast. We have set ambitious growth milestones to increase the number of Premier Inn UK rooms to around 75,000 and to double the size of Costa with global system sales of £2bn by 2018. Our challenge is to ensure that, as we grow, we reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our energy usage, water consumption and production of waste... As the UK’s largest hospitality company, we aim to be a leader in developing sustainable business practices within our sector. We are especially proud to be the first hospitality company in the UK to receive the prestigious Carbon Trust Triple Award for achievements in carbon, water and waste reduction across all hotels and restaurants.'

The report outlines the continued expansion of their 'Good Together' programme and many CSR successes. In the last five years Whitbread have:

  • Reduced carbon emissions by 32.8%
  • Diverted 23,000 tonnes of waste from landfill from its hotels and restaurants
  • Reduced water consumption by 28.2%

And in 2013/14:

  • Whitbread hotels and restaurants diverted 94.6% from landfill
  • Relative to sales carbon emission efficiency improved by 10.3% pts
  • Raised 3 million pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital

As well as outlining successes in the last five years the report outlines targets for 2017. These include reducing carbon emissions and water by 25% (greywater systems in Premier Inn hotels are already saving on average 30 litres of water per room per  a day), sending zero waste to landfill, achieve accreditation and sustainable supply of tea, coffee, timber, palm oil, fish and meat. Costa Coffee is also hoping to educate 50,000 children and have 50+ school projects in coffee growing communities by 2017.

Download Whitbread's 2014 Sustainability Report  and read more about their Good Together programme. Also see other articles on Whitbread  on Green Hotelier or find out more about the International Tourism Partnership.


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