Last chance to voice your thoughts on supply chain issues

Greening the supply chain

Greening the supply chain

This is your last chance to make your thoughts known on supply chain issues for the hospitality industry.

The survey hosted by Greenview on behalf of the International Tourism Partnership seeks hoteliers’ views and perspectives on sustainable supply chain management, and it closes at the end of October.

Earlier this year, ITP’s working group on supply chains carried out a high level risk mapping exercise of the supply chain in order to inform the future direction of the group's activities. Weighting various criteria of spend, risk, impact and the likelihood of success, the results helped give a strong indication to the group of where opportunities for collaboration might lie.

In the next phase, ITP teamed up with Greenview to create a common framework for the hotel industry to discuss and address supply chain issues.

There is a significant gap in the available body of knowledge regarding the mapping of hotel supply chains. No commonly accepted categorisation or framework exists upon which a sustainability view could be placed or a Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) system could be built – so ITP would like your help to develop this.

With the survey, ITP is inviting hotel managers and their purchasing departments to provide some insight into their practices, issues, and awareness of supply chain problems. The survey should take no longer than 20 minutes and can be found here. There is no request for data, and the survey results will be kept confidential.

The results will be compiled and published in an industry-wide study on sustainable supply chain management, which is being conducted in conjunction with the International Tourism Partnership Supply Chain Working Group and its members, and will provide a common framework and guidance for approaching supply chain issues.

Have your say now, and help ITP develop a Sustainable Supply Chain Management framework for the benefit of all.


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