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Sustainable cleaning tips for green hotels

sustainable cleaning in hotels [1]

P&G Professional talk to Green Hotelier about why sustainable cleaning is as important as other initiatives

Sustainability should be approached holistically. Everything you do, whether it’s encouraging guests to re-use towels, using eco-friendly packaging, sourcing food locally, helping out in your local community, or using more efficient lighting can all make a valuable contribution to your sustainability efforts. Jayne Clark, Sales Director, UK & Ireland at P&G Professional explains:

At P&G Professional we know that our clients don’t want to have to make a choice between their needs for performance, value and responsibility for the planet. That is why we believe it's important to turn to every aspect of a business and establish how it can be greener.

For example, here are some tips from P&G Professional about how to make your cleaning routine more sustainable:

A key part of sustainable cleaning in hotels is down to responsible procurement. It may sound simple but there's a surprisingly arduous process to go through to ensure that you're picking green products. Here is Green Hotelier's quick guide to responsible procurement, whether you're looking at cleaning products or equipment:

You might want to consider the following:

When looking at a products' life cycle, bare in mind the following:

Raw materials


Transport and delivery


End of life

This article was partially provided by Jayne Clark, Sales Director, UK & Ireland at P&G Professional. For examples of specific cleaning products, check out some of our best practice case studies. [3]