Marriott Manchester maintenance manager wins waste award

Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert hotel

Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert hotel

The Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel has received a Greener Path award for ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’, with the help of its maintenance manager.

The Greener Path Awards celebrate the work businesses across the UK are doing to reduce their impact on the environment.

The Water Street, Manchester hotel was commended in the awards for demonstrating exemplary effort and achievement in minimising waste, boosting recycling and increasing landfill diversion, while seeking out innovative and sustainable ways to handle waste streams.

Maintenance manager Hassen Lakhel, who has worked at the property for three years, helped the hotel achieve the award with the introduction of several initiatives, including use of colour coded bins to separate different waste materials and ensure maximum recycling of cardboard and glass.

Hassen with the Award

Hassen with the Award

Talking about the award, general manager, Frederico Ciampi, said, “We pride ourselves on doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment, and Hassen has done a brilliant job in implementing various initiatives to ensure we achieve this.

“The award is testament to the hard work he and the rest of the team have put into making sure not only that the hotel is immaculate for our guests, but that we take responsibility for the part we play in sustaining and protecting the world around us.

“A hundred per cent landfill diversion is our ultimate goal and we’ll continue to strive towards achieving this with the help of Hassen and our other team members.”

Reducing waste is an excellent way for hotels to save expenditure as well as help the environment. With a lot of waste, hotels are paying three times: for the product, for the labour involved with providing it for guests, and for its proper disposal. By reducing waste output, hotels can see big wins for their bottom lines.

You can find lots of free information and resources on waste reduction throughout our pages.

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