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South West leisure businesses taking advantage of water efficiency savings

Hotels, holiday parks and leisure attractions across the South West are among the region’s businesses celebrating, thanks to Source for Business helping them to save a staggering £1m off their water and sewerage bills last year.

Over the last 12 months, Source for Business - the new business support service from South West Water – has provided hundreds of businesses across the region with practical support and advice on water efficiency, resulting in thousands of pounds of savings off their water and sewerage bills, alongside reductions of up to 15% in water consumption.

With services ranging from water efficiency audits to identifying and preventing leaks, monitoring usage and advising on waste management, the team at Source for Business is keen to continue the substantial savings already secured for the region’s leisure businesses.

Head of business development at Source for Business, David Roberts, explains: “Source for Business is here to help the region’s businesses save water and save money. Our team is committed to delivering savings for our customers, helping to identify initiatives that will reduce water consumption, improve water efficiency and above all generate savings.

“We have been working with many hotels, holiday parks, restaurants and leisure attractions throughout the South West to highlight where and how savings can be made, and are delighted to have helped our business customers to achieve £1m worth of savings in the last financial year. It’s a tremendous achievement and clearly demonstrates how making small changes to water efficiency across a business can really save money on the bottom line.”

Since April 2011 more than 500 businesses across Cornwall, Devon and parts of Dorset and Somerset, including hotels, holiday parks, schools and restaurants have taken advantage of the water efficiency audits provided by Source for Business.

A comprehensive audit, carried out by experienced water efficiency auditors, can offer valuable insight into much more than just usage and leakage management. The aim of the audit is to identify opportunities for businesses to use water wisely and ultimately reduce costs. Typically taking around 2 hours, an audit can reveal thousands of pounds worth of savings – an opportunity not to be overlooked by any business.

Among those leisure businesses already benefiting from significant savings and reduced water consumption, include Holiday Inn Plymouth, Ilfracombe-based John Fowler Holidays, Brixham Holiday Park and Falmouth Beach Hotel.

Top 10 tips for reducing water usage in your business:

  • Appoint a member of staff to monitor water usage and identify water-saving measures i.e. through regular site checks and Business Accounts Online
  • Check your meter reading regularly, install a data logger to monitor flow and identify leaks
  • Develop a water management plan for your site
  • Educate employees about implementing water saving measures
  • Ensure new equipment is water and energy efficient – it will pay off in the long term
  • Fit water-efficient devices i.e. push-taps, low-flush toilets, flow regulators or restricters. The payback can be as little as five weeks
  • Fix dripping taps and leaks as quickly as possible
  • Install a hippo or save-a-flush device in toilets to reduce water use
  • Invest in alternative water sources i.e. rainwater harvesting
  • Review your plans to reduce water use at least once a year

To book a free consultation or to find out more about water efficiency advice visit or call 0800 23 00 756

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