Carlson Rezidor implements a Water Task Force

Conserving water in emerging markets

Conserving water in emerging markets

ITP member Carlson Rezidor has created a Water Task Force to help minimise water use across the group.

In  March, the Hotel Group in partnership with GROHE convened a one-day workshop at the GROHE headquarters in Düsseldorf, bringing together for the first time partners from hospitality, sanitary fittings, technical systems, architecture and building design to examine holistically how water is used in the hotel industry.

With water becoming an increasingly scarce resource globally, particularly in emerging markets where Carlson Rezidor continues to grow rapidly, the group decided it was time to act more proactively.

The workshop looked at the challenges of water sustainability, current and future innovative technology solutions and ways to enrich the guest experience while minimising the water footprint of the products and services offered.

All partners in the workshop share the same goals; to use water responsibly and to look at a hotel as a system in order to identify best practice and synergies. Discussions focused on three main areas: design for sustainability in new builds, retrofitting to optimise water use in existing properties, and changing behaviour and consumer expectations.

After a day of exploring the complex subject, all partners agreed that it is vital to celebrate water and to work together to put water sustainability at centre stage. Cooperation and co-creation in design will be paramount in this process.

In order the take the issue forward, Carlson Rezidor and its partners created an interconnecting Water Task Force to enable holistic auditing of hotels to minimise water use whilst maximising guest comfort.

The Task Force will investigate the potential to maximise water sustainability in selected hotels, looking at all elements from the room and building design, to the bathroom fixtures, kitchen, pumps and maintenance of the systems.

“There are numerous new technologies which contribute to sustainability and by engaging in this cross-industry exchange we can learn best practice from each other,” said Michael Rauterkus, GROHE CSO EMEA and Americas.

On the common journey, the Task Force will also work with other partners to define an ideal vision of water sustainability in hotels; drawing on all expertise to jointly define a best practice for water in hospitality.

“We want to be recognised as the most innovative and responsible hotel company,” said Olivier Harnisch, Chief Operating Officer of the Rezidor Hotel Group. “This Water Workshop brought together the best minds in business to innovate the top solutions in water sustainability. We look forward to working together with our partners to deliver the finest guest experience in the most responsible manner. The Water Task Force will continue to evolve with more influential partners and stakeholders coming on-board to join our shared vision of saving water in hospitality.”

One of ITP’s programmes is the Water Working Group which is working to build a strong business case to property developers and owners to develop and implement future-proofed water strategies. Carlson Rezidor’s Task Force dovetails neatly with this programme and presents more opportunities for joint working and the sharing of information and expertise.


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