Leading hotels collaborate to drive water stewardship

Launching HWMI on the SIWI sofa

Launching HWMI on the SIWI sofa

ITP launched the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative - HWMI - during World Water Week 2016 and took part in a SIWI Sofa interview to discuss why the tool is so important.

ITP Director Fran Hughes joined Carlson Rezidor CEO Wolfgang M Neumann and head of the CEO Water Mandate Jason Morrison to discuss why the new tool and metric is so crucial to the hotel industry and how it will help drive responsible business and improve water stewardship throughout the sector.

HWMI is the result of 17 months collaborative work between 18 leading global hotel groups. The resulting free tool and measurement will standardize the way hotels all around the world measure their sources and uses of water, making benchmarking possible for the first time which should help hotels compare and hopefully spot ways to reduce their water footprints. As ITP members begin to roll HWMI out throughout their own properties, it's hoped that around 10,000 hotels will be using the agreed metric by the end of the year.

HWMI was built because ITP members wanted to act on the concerns of industry stakeholders. Fran Hughes, Director of ITP said, “The hotel industry identified water as an issue it urgently wanted to address, and whilst many hotels are already measuring their water consumption, the use of different methods makes it impossible to benchmark. By bringing these leading companies together we have created a free tool which will ensure all hotels can measure their water use in exactly the same way.”

During the interview Jason Morrison said, "The Hotel Water Measurement Initiative is foundational. It’s hard to overstate how important it is to start with putting a tool together which allows for management of the issue. The adage is you can’t manage what you don’t measure and when you begin to measure in a consistent way it drives performance, it drives accountability because you can’t hide behind the idea that performance isn’t improving.

"Absolutely it is foundational, it is important, it is a great place to start and then the next step forward is to try to contextualise that use and get the hotels that are thinking about their water use to understand how that fits in, in the places where they’re operating."

You can watch the SIWI Sofa interview here:

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