Introducing HWMI – free webinar

The International Tourism Partnership worked with 18 global hotel groups to address stakeholders' concerns about water, and through collaborative action and with the help of KPMG developed HWMI - the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative.

HWMI is the hotel industry's first standardised measurement and tool for water sources and uses, allowing hotels of any size anywhere in the world to measure and record their water footprint per room, stay or meeting in the same consistent way.

A product of 18 months work by the Water Working Group who agreed together what water uses would be recorded in HWMI, the tool is free to download and will for the first time allow the sector to benchmark their water use.

You can learn more about HWMI here and watch the launch video here. This webinar talks you through the need for HWMI and how it works, as well as walking you through applying it to your own hotel water measuring. Download HWMI for free here.

Watch the webinar here.                       23/9/16

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