Track your hotel carbon footprint – free webinar

Learn how to use the Hotel Footprinting Tool to track the carbon footprint of your hotel stay with this new free webinar.

Fran Hughes, Director, International Tourism Partnership and Eric Ricaurte, Founder and CEO, Greenview host the webinar revealing how you can use the tool in your own business.

The Hotel Footprinting Tool  is a free online tool which enables users to search the range of carbon footprints for hotels worldwide, and create reports of the carbon footprint of an individual or businesses’ hotel stays and meetings.

The Hotel Footprinting Tool is ideal for:

  • Hotels wishing to benchmark their performance
  • Individuals and business travellers interested in calculating their travel emissions
  • Travel planners and corporate responsibility managers who want to report on or offset their business travel emissions

Download the webinar here.   18/2/2016

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