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The Sustainable Bathroom

Introduction to more sustainable bathrooms: Bathrooms make up a significant proportion of a hotel’s total water and energy consumption. According to the American Water Works Association, for example, a US hotel’s average water consumption is between 382 to 787 litres (84 to 173 UK gallons) per room per day, significantly more than the average US household daily use of 315 litres (69 gallons) a day.

Engaging Employees

Getting started: Why engage your employees? According to a recent survey from Brighter Planet, which works with organisations to help reduce their carbon footprint, 86% of respondents said they were not engaged by their employers on sustainability, even though the same number said it was promoted by their organisation. So how do businesses bridge the […]

Water: The looming crisis

The looming water crisis, believe the experts, is the result of a growing global population and expanding economies placing bigger demands on already depleted water supplies

Sustainability in the Kitchen – Food & Drink

A growing population puts increasing pressure on the Earth’s finite resources. Sustainability is about finding ways of providing food that will last for future generations and have less of an impact on the environment Eating according to the seasons has for many people been largely consigned to the past now that you can buy produce, […]

Can you still afford to be green

“Now, more than ever, helping to preserve the planet makes good business sense and is vital to the future of our company. We continue to take steps to save energy, reduce waste and involve our employees and customers in new ways that they can help improve the environment.” President and Chief Operating Officer Arne Sorenson, […]

Water Management and Conservation

Why the need to conserve water? Most water (97%) is in the oceans, which cover 71% of the Earth’s surface. Three per cent is freshwater, two-thirds of which is tied up as ice in glaciers and at the poles. This leaves approximately 1% as freshwater in rivers, lakes, the atmosphere and in groundwater. However, with […]

Golf Courses

Concern about the environmental impact of golf courses is not new. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, environmentalists and developers were at loggerheads, the former highlighting a raft of problems caused by traditional course development and operation.

Hotel grounds and gardens

Why are hotel grounds and gardens important? The hotel garden is where guests and visitors can relax, take exercise, dine and be entertained, as well as being a potential resource for produce and flowers. It can also provide a habitat for wildlife, shade and cool in hot climates, protection from wind and, in cities, a […]

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