Gamboa Tropical Rainforest Resort

Scheduled for completion in mid 2000, the 340 acre Gamboa Tropical Rainforest Resort is located on the banks of the Chagres River, near its intersection with the Panama Canal in the Republic of Panama. Close by is the scenic town of Gamboa and the Soberania National Park

This part of the Panama Canal has been protected for several decades and has large tracts of old-growth tropical rainforest with animal populations intact. Less than an hour away from Panama city, the area contains one of the hemisphere's most important biological reserves.

The five-star,100 room hotel, gardens and marina complex will offer visitors a new experience in ecotourism, with an integrated educational and research programme focused on geology, pre-history, history, regional cultures, ecology and conservation. The aim is to help guests understand the history and cultural diversity of the region and the complexity of rainforest ecosystem dynamics. Field trips will enable them to experience it firsthand.

The resort will sponsor a regular lecture series by prominent local and international experts and will promote scientific research in the area.

Local attractions for visitors include:

  • a 1 kilometre rainforest canopy aerial tram
  • a custom built Chagres River excursion craft
  • rainforest trails with native guides
  • visits to a traditional local village built by Ember' Indians.
  • excursions to Smithsonian's Barro Colorado Island
  • fishing boats and fishing gear
  • specially-designed vans for bird watching and site seeing
  • jogging and cycling trails
  • medicinal, fruit and ornamental tropical gardens and an agro-forestry project.

Gamboa - some goals and achievements:

Gamboa is a founding member of the heritage tourism initiative for tourism, conservation and re-search (TCR), supported by the Panamanian Government.

Among its aims are:

  • support and protect a well-designed nature park with an engaging and imaginative nature trail
  • create a visitor centre and museum with exhibits on environmental and cultural themes and a library specialising in tropical studies and rainforest ecology
  • employ highly qualified, well-trained staff specialising in tropical ecology and conservation
  • enhance the resort's ecological themes and orientation through impeccable site location, architecture and landscaping
  • maintain a comprehensive programme of environmental protection and conservation with a strong presence on the Internet
  • cooperate closely with ecological, conservation, education and scientific organisations. This will include the development of the Village - a complex of 100 apartments-for staff, guest lecturers, students, scientists and other visitors
  • focus on a resort and nature park design that enhances natural relationships between plants, animals and humans and minimises negative environmental impacts
  • adhere to a philosophy of social responsibility and desire to work with the local community in a relationship of co-operation and sustainability
  • to recycle waste, save energy, and use water saving devices.

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